After my hiking treks into the mountains and into the valley, today it was time for a visit to the sea shore. I had heard about the black sand beaches, but I hadn’t quite figured out how to get there. In the end it was a reasonably short walk just outside Òlafsfjörður, past a small industrial area. It was a blustery, overcast day, the clouds hanging low in the sky. I was wearing my parka as well as a fleece vest, and still I wasn’t particularly warm. My guess is that the wind blows straight down from the North Pole and into the fjord – and into my face.

But the velvety black sand was warm to the touch despite the cold. I filled a Ziplock bag with the fine, soft sand, to be used in an artwork sometime soon. And I picked up a perfectly oval, quartz-speckled stone which reminded me of the Svartfuglar egg I had at Alice and Siggi’s.

Here are some pictures.

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